Strumming is essential for all of us guitarists. There aren’t many better sounds than that of a well-strummed acoustic guitar accompanied by a soulful, engaging singer. Best of all, most simple strumming songs require only a handful of chords that, once you can change between, allow you to play a huge variety of songs. Before we begin, check out this powerful video below…

Every guitarist, acoustic or electric, should learn the following 10 strumming songs (as long as they enjoy them, of course). Once added to your repertoire, this list of songs will be sure to impress your audience and give you more confidence in your guitar playing.

At first, learning any song can be a challenge. You have to deal with learning the chord shapes, playing the chords so they sound clean, the ‘dreaded change’ between chords, playing the correct strumming pattern, and playing it in time.

That’s quite a lot to deal with, but fear not, I have listed the following ten songs in order of difficulty. Remember, at first, no song is easy, so take your time and learn each one if you enjoy them. There are always new skills that can be developed whenever you learn a new song.

Sometimes, these skills are big, such as learning a new and popular strumming pattern, and sometimes these skills are minor, such as learning a new and unusual chord change. Either way, remember that every time you learn a new song, you will be improving as a guitarist.

You can be learning more than one of these songs at a time, just try not to be working on more than two at any one time, and try to learn all the parts for each song and not just the cool part everyone knows!

You will learn a lot about songwriting, structure and the song itself by learning all the parts and then playing along with the original recording and other musicians too.


10 of the Best Simple Yet Stunning Strumming Guitar Songs Every Guitarist Should Know


If you are an experienced strummer, these ten songs won’t be too difficult for you, but I would be surprised if you didn’t learn at least a few new things about your playing and music as a whole once you learn all ten. I have ordered the list of ten in order of difficulty (based on how easily my private students learn them on average).

Number 1 is the easiest, and each one gets harder. Have fun with these 10 best simple yet stunning strumming songs every guitarist should know.

1) The Beatles – Let It Be

Watch the video

2) Oasis – Half the World Away

Watch the video

3) The Troggs – Wild Thing

Watch the video

4) Prince – Purple Rain

Watch the video

5) Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Watch the video

6) Lou Reed – Perfect Day

Watch the video

7) The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun (Yes, you can play this one as a strumming song)

Watch the video

8) Outkast – Hey Ya!

Watch the video

9) Oasis – The Importance of Being Idle

Watch the video

10) Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game

Watch the video


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These songs all use great strumming patterns and sound great on electric and acoustic guitar and even the ukulele. Post a comment with the song you would most like me to teach you and I will create a video for the one with the most votes.



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10 best simple yet beautiful fingerpicking songs every guitarists should know
February 15, 2015 Reply

[…] If you haven`t played guitar for long and want to learn something a little easier, check out my `Classic Strumming Series`. […]

Jeffrey Penner
September 15, 2015 Reply

This was a well thought out list. The chords are not only easy to play, but to easy listen to as well. Koodos!

August 9, 2019 Reply

Queen Crazy little thing called love is great to strum and only 4 chords

Dan Thorpe
August 14, 2019 Reply

That`s a good fun one, Dave. Taught this in my membership programme. Always enjoy a big strummer like this!

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