Welcome to a new weekly 10-second tip.

This tip is not for everyone, but a fair few of you will find it useful.


“Play both electric and acoustic guitars”

You might think, “why?”

Well, playing both electric and acoustic is fun.

I tend to play acoustic 80% of the time these days, but 10 years ago I probably played electric 80% of the time.

Some days, even now, this changes, but the point is, just having the other type of guitar to play is fun, and it breaks things up.


Want a quick break from fingerpicking and acoustic stuff?

You can grab an electric and play some rock riffs or blues lead.


Bored of electric?

You can learn some fingerstyle and play beautiful melodies and hear the uniquely rich tones of your acoustic resonating.

Plus, acoustics and electrics feel different, so playing both will teach you about your technique and highlight certain things.

Electrics can be easier to play and can help encourage you to use a light touch.

Acoustics, on the other hand, can be played anywhere anytime and there are fewer chances of going wrong on them.


Some of you will be exclusively acoustic players, but if you have ever considered it, adding an electric to your arsenal of guitars can be fun.

If you are not fussed, I still urge you to play an electric at some point.

They are good fun!

Anyway, that is a simple tip for you.

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Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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