Many guitarists struggle to get in a good position on the fretboard.


Sometimes it can be chord shapes, or it can be a couple of fingers trying to fret two notes…

Either way, if you find you are full of tension on the fretboard, try to:

Take your fretting hand completely off the fretboard…

Relax your arm, fingers, hand, and body, and try to find the same position again, but this time…

Off the fretboard and in the air.


I call this playing “air guitar”.


Practising movements off the fretboard like this can help you relax and reduce tension.

The idea is that when you put the fingers back on the freeboard, you keep this relaxed state with your fingers, arms, and body as a whole.

It’s a simple tip that may help right away but may take a lifetime to master.

It’s definitely worth trying regularly, particularly if you play with a lot of tension.


Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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