The guitar is a wonderful instrument that has a range of tones and colours.

Try to use them daily!


You can pluck or strum near the bridge (called “ponticello”) and…

You can pluck or strum near the sound hole (called “dolce”)

Of course, you can pluck anywhere in between too.


For a sharper, thinner, and brighter sound, pluck near the bridge (the James Bond theme is a good example of this) and for a mellow warm, and deep sound, pluck near the sound hole.

Doing the above is like changing pickup selectors on an electric where the tone instantly changes to fit the mood of the piece.

I just don’t see that many guitarists do this, but it is a simple idea that can liven up or add colour to your playing, even when used in small bursts.

I hope you enjoyed that tip and enjoy your Friday!


Dan Thorpe

 Guitar Domination 


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