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This week we are talking about:


“Perfecting one note at a time”


Have you ever sat and played one note over and over?

If not, it is well worth doing so for a minute or two (or longer if you can).


The simple reason is so you can improve and perfect your tone, timing, technique, and focus.

Most guitarists are never encouraged to do this sort of repetition, but it is highly beneficial.


Focusing on one note, string, or even chord can help in many ways.

For instance, you can fingerpick and spend time plucking the B string over and over with the middle finger of the picking hand.

50 plucks or so will help you loosen this finger up, will help you find the right amount of pressure to pluck with, help you discover where on the string it sounds best, the angle to pluck at, how much volume to use and much more.


A few minutes of this here and there can be therapeutic too and is nearly always time well spent…

Particularly if you have any troublesome areas in your playing you want to fix.

Give it a go and enjoy your Friday.


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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