Here is another weekly 10-second tip.

It is a simple one but one that many forget or just plain don’t realise…


“Relax your thumb”


A big mistake many guitarists make is they push far too hard with their fretting hand’s thumb.

Often, they don’t even realise they are doing this.

Like all the digits in the fretting hand, the thumb should not push any harder than needed.

Pushing hard with the thumb is just wasted energy that leads to it aching a lot!


Now this is very simple advice, but it’s one thing I remind students of a lot.

Mainly because no one really thinks about the thumb (not until they take their hand off and the thumb is throbbing!)

In a new lesson inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, I talk more about this.


Inside the lesson, you will learn more about the importance of proper thumb control, and you will learn a few ways to gradually release the pressure.

I even give you a bit of an unusual tip to spot tension, which as a quick test, and involves not using the thumb at all!

This is a “two-minute challenge” lesson for those in my membership programme.


To find out more about the membership and get this lesson when released tomorrow, here is the link:

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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