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“The Inspiration Jar”


What is the “Inspiration Jar”?

Well, imagine a jar full of delicious cookies.

The sort that melt in your mouth and you hide when your mate comes over for a cup of tea (where you give them the dodgy gingernuts instead!)


This jar, full of these cookies, represents how motivated and inspired you feel on the guitar.

It is key to keep it topped up, so you stay excited and eager to practise each day.

The more topped up, the better.

Over time, the jar might get depleted if you are not careful.


So, how do you keep your inspiration jar fully stocked up?


Here are a few ways:

Watch your guitar heroes, listen to music you are passionate about, listen to new music, listen to old music that bypassed you at the time…

Learn something simple that sounds good, play a song you are passionate about on guitar, have a fun jam, revisit what excited you about guitar in the first place, etc.


There are a tonne of ways to keep the “inspiration jar” topped up, and it is important to do so consciously.

If you do, it will help you have more fun and keep you going on days where the guitar feels tough.


To help, you may want to check out my Fingerstyle 101 book.

It contains all the essentials of good guitar technique, 10 inspiring patterns, and a good grounding on all things guitar.

Here is the link to find out more:

Fingerstyle 101 – a step-by-step guide to beautiful fingerpicking guitar playing


Have a great weekend!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Dominatioon


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