Here is another weekly 10-second tip.


“The magnifying glass”


Here’s a mistake guitarists frequently make when practising:

They try to improve everything in one go.


For instance, they try to improve the whole song or whole section of a song.

Often that is too much and leads to NOT a lot being improved that day.

You need to get your magnifying glass out like a 19th-century detective, and zone in really closely on one aspect of the piece.


You can go deeper and deeper than you may at first think too.

E.g. Instead of trying to improve the whole song,


  • zone in on the verse.
  • Then zone in on the 1st bar of the verse.
  • Then zone in on the first note or first chord change
  • Then zone in further on the first actual movement or plucked note or whatever is tripping you up.


Really try to go deep with the “magnifying glass” and improve just one small thing each day.

All these little wins and successes quickly add up.

Keep that in mind as you practise.


Have fun!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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