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Here’s something you won’t hear too often, but it’s powerful.

It’s all about the need for speed and…


The “Brake/blast” Method


No doubt you know this already – you need to practise very slowly and methodically most of the time.

This allows you to focus on precision, accuracy, good technique, and muscle memory. That is all essential stuff.

Every now and then though, you should play whatever it is you are learning at a faster speed.

Ideally at full speed (or even a little faster).


This is powerful because things just feel different when played fast.

Your muscles and your mind have to fire up, and your muscle memory has to kick in. When playing something fast, you will learn a lot about your playing.

In fact, if you never try a piece fast, it may take you a little longer to discover what you need to know about where you are with it and your technique.


I call this slow and fast method the “Brake/blast” method.

  • 90-95% of the time practise it slowly (i.e., brake)
  • 5-10% of the time play it fast (i.e., blast)

It’s a good method, so give it a go – it can be fun too!


Have a great Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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