Here is a 10-second tip for you to enjoy.

…And it’s a tip that pretty much affects everything your fretting hand does, especially…

Your chord changes.


To give it a visual comparison, I sometimes call this tip “as the crow flies”.

What happens when many guitarists fret chords is this…

Their fretting hand fingers dance around and take the long way round to get from chord #1 to chord #2.


This is a muscle memory and technique issue.

…But instead of going the long way round…

It’s wise to try to get your fingers to travel in a straight line from chord #1 to chord #2.

Just as a crow flies.


Crows, of course, don’t take the long path around many corners and turns when getting to their destination.

…And your fingers shouldn’t either.

You can put this tip into practice today.

Choose one pair of chords you find tricky to change between.

Keep the above in mind and do 25 changes back and forth between the two chords.

…Or 50 if you have the time.

Focus on good technique, staying as relaxed as you can, and you will build positive muscle memory and speed up those chord changes for the long term.


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Have a great Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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