One point I like to highlight to students frequently is this…

…If something is a challenge for you right now, it doesn’t mean that it will always be a challenge.


Yes, that is obvious in many ways, but many people forget this.

I sometimes see people learning guitar who are scarred by past experiences.

For example, if they fail with one of many elements of learning guitar, it can sometimes haunt them.

It nearly did with me.

I mean, it took me three attempts to learn the guitar (the first guitar I had was laughably bad)…


Do not let yourself get bogged down by the past.

This is the topic of today’s Acoustic Asylum podcast.

In this podcast, I’m sharing a few examples of this and a story of how…

Over the weekend, I conquered a little demon from my life that had nagged away at me for 7 years.

It involved swimming through freezing cold water and doing all sorts of crazy stuff – it was fun though.

Anyway, I think this will be a helpful episode for you…

…Especially if you ever suffer from self-doubt or you feel your confidence can sometimes be a little low.


I hope you give it a listen and hopefully, this will help you stay resilient and strong on your guitar-playing journey.

You can check it out below if you have an iPhone or Apple device.

Listen to the Acoustic Asylum

Or you can listen in a variety of other ways HERE.



Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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