Here is a 10-second tip for you.

This is all about avoiding what I call “tension creep”.


“Tension creep” is where you are playing something, but slowly, and often without realising…

The feelings of tension start to creep into your playing.

Things like your body tensing up, your fingers pressing with more pressure, and your movements becoming more and more strained.

It can happen to us all – especially when practising something that is a challenge or which requires a lot of concentration.


One way to avoid this is to use your smartphone and set an alarm to go off at a random point in your practice session.

As soon as the alarm goes off…

You stop what you’re doing and hold your exact position.

Then you scan your whole body, your shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers for any signs of tension.

It’s a simple little thing.

…But a powerful thing to do.


That’s because tension is one of the big enemies of progress.

The better you get at spotting tension, the more aware you will be of it, and the more ready you will be to relax.

Doing this regularly can make a difference, especially if you find you get more and more tense as your practice sessions go on.

Of course, you don’t have to set an alarm, you can do this by manually stopping…

…but I like an alarm as it will cause you to pause right in the middle of something you are practising.


Anyway, I hope that helps.

…And if you want specific lessons on exactly what to do to avoid tension in the first place and fix it when tension does creep in and rear its ugly head, then check this out below…

It’s my eBook bundle that features 7 short and to-the-point eBooks, one of which is the Essential Guitar Technique (which will give you multiple solutions for ending tension and improving technique).

Here is the place to find out more about it…

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I hope that helps and have a great Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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