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Today, I want to give you a video showcasing some really important techniques on how to improve bar chords on guitar within minutes. The video features some detailed techniques on what you can do to instantly improve your barre (or bar) chords.

This video can potentially help you improve your barre chords within minutes.

Check it out below, and please like, subscribe and share with anyone who you think would also benefit from it, as there are some important points here that can help a lot of guitarists).

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This video is powerful, contains some very important concepts but is only the tip of the iceberg as to what I can teach you about barre chords.

My course will give you a lot more, but it is only on sale for a few days so if you want to learn and truly master barre chords once and for all, so you can move forward with your playing and learn ALL the songs you want to learn, and remove this potentially big obstacle, then get the course. It could well be what makes the difference for your playing this year.

After Friday it will no longer be available, but if you join before then, you will get lifetime access to it but also get a 90-day no-questions-asked refund if you find it is not for you.

I’m proud of the course, I am certain you will love it but I totally 100% stand by my refund policy so have no worries there.

Anyway, if you want to find out more, check it out below.

You can join ‘The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords’ Now

Barre chords aren’t for all guitarists but if you have played for a few months and can do the absolute basics, then there is a good reason why you should start even just a little barre chord practice.

The reason?

Great technique.

I teach all my students barre chords, even in just very small doses once they can play the basics.


Because learning to play barre chords well, improves their all-round technique and makes playing open chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs, chord changes, embellishing chords and all the other cool and essential stuff easier and more natural.

This is because to play barre chords well you have to develop great technique, but this is NOT anywhere near as hard as you may think.

The problem is no one teaches this stuff, things like how to play with a light touch, have proper finger independence, play without pain or muscle cramp, understand the theory, actually have fun with your barre chords and more. You will learn all of this and a huge amount more in the course.

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