Welcome to a new Monday post with 3 random thoughts on all things guitar, music, and life, including thoughts on some basketball fun, supportive spouses of musicians, and the art of cinema.


#1 – Basketball fun

The weekend before last, Archie and I went to the British Basketball Trophy semi-finals.

The games were ace.

The second semi-final came down to the last few seconds and one score, so it was thrilling stuff.

While we were there, we bought a basketball and since then, we’ve been playing a lot in our garden.

He’s always liked basketball, but since then we’ve been playing a lot more.

It was pure inspiration from one single live experience.

…And for me, that’s like watching bands play live.


Every time I see a band that impresses me, I can’t wait to get home and pick up my guitar.

Sometimes this happens just by watching musicians on TV, watching clips of a band, or reading books about certain artists.

If you ever want to get more inspired and motivated…

I highly recommend you get out there and watch your favourite bands, or even just an inspiring guitarist at the local open mic.

It’s all worthwhile.


#2 – Supportive spouses

I got a good email recently.

When students join the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, one thing I do to help them get off to a flying start is send them a series of welcome emails.

New member Cindy replied saying she is:

“Getting on famously!   Well, maybe it doesn’t sound that to my husband who has to listen to Drunken Sailor and then Amazing Grace and then the first eight measures of Sounds of silence over and over, but I am enjoying it and making tiny steps of progress.”

I’m glad to hear this.

…And it got me thinking about what it must be like for the spouses of all musicians out there.

I mean, as musicians, we spend a lot of time practising, refining, and tweaking.

That goes for if you’re just starting out, if you’ve played for decades, or even if you’re a famous songwriter.


I wonder what it’s like in Paul McCartney’s, Eric Clapton’s or David Gilmour’s household when they are practising and refining their skills.

I imagine their spouses have had to be supportive, patient, and even encouraging over the years.

…And no doubt they even have to hear the “duds” that don’t quite make it on the albums of these legends.

Having supportive people around us when we endeavour to do anything challenging in life is important.

…So this one goes out to all our loved ones who’ve ever been patient while we practise our guitar skills!


#3 – The art of cinema

I’ve never been the most visual person (at least not compared to others).

…But I am a massive fan of imagery, movies, and the cinema.

All of my favourite movies have wonderful soundtracks (which is important to me) and they all seem to have beautifully lit camera work which really captures the eye.

From Indiana Jones to Apocalypse Now (and many more), visually these movies really stand out to me.

Last week I thought how cool it would be to bring some cinematic lighting to the videos I film.

It’s technical and tricky to get just right and I’ve bought some new lights, gadgets, and bits of equipment.

I even joked on Facebook that my workroom was starting to get a little like a Pink Floyd live show with all the lights around.


So I’ve swapped the rooms around in my house and now my studio room will be a bigger space.

It’s quite exciting.

It’s important to have the space where you spend time being creative be as good as you can get it.

Just like with your practice space.

After all, you no doubt spend many hours there!


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those three random thoughts this week.

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Dan Thorpe

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