Competitiveness is a funny thing.


The other day I went to watch my footy team (as in “soccer”).

Aston Villa.

We played our local rivals, Wolverhampton Wanderers.


I got to go with Emma’s friends who had a spare ticket.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Villa Park and I forgot just how loud and passionate the place is.

…And we won 2-0.

The seats were three rows from the front.

Me and Archie saw my friends and me on the highlights on TV.

One thing I love about footy is the songs fans sing on the terraces.


Fans usually sing a song based on a famous tune…

…But they change the lyrics to either support their own team or to tease the opposition team.

It must be inspiring when you’re a home player hearing 40,000+ people sing like this.

A song Villa fans sing is to the tune of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Johnny Cash.

I love that one in particular.

…And I love that sort of creativity.


Taking songs and changing them up like that is fun

On the guitar, you can do this by taking a song and playing your own arrangement.

Not only that, though, I was also reminded of just how competitive football fans can be.

Some folks take it too far of course.


It’s not uncommon for friends and family members to fall out over football if they support different teams.

Or work colleagues getting into fights for opposing teams, but then going back to work together on a Monday morning.

…but most of the time, the competitive nature is in good spirits.

Speaking of which…


When it comes to being a guitarist, I’ve seen the good and bad of being competitive

Some people see others playing beautiful music and get inspired.

Others get de-motivated by seeing others who are further ahead on their journey.

…But they often forget the person who is further ahead has usually played for many more hours and years.


Instead of it being frustrating seeing others who have done the hard work, it’s good to be inspired by those folks.

…Because if you too put in the hours, and importantly, spend your practice time wisely, then progress will happen.

Competing with others is not all that healthy on the guitar.

Instead, I find it’s better to compete with yourself, but in a friendly way.

…And try to be just a little bit better each day than you were the previous day


Try to improve one tiny thing each day.

Improve the “focus” you practise with each day.

Play one bar of music with a little more relaxation and smoothness each day.

Those things count and they all add up for sure.


Anyway, I hope that was helpful.

…And if you want more help with the above, then you might like to check this out.

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Have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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