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Here are two more interesting emails I have got lately.

I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…

Today we’re hearing from John and Tweed who share their experiences after having started learning the guitar a long time ago…

Email #1

“Hi there, I’m John, a 74-year-old combat veteran from SW Michigan. I began playing acoustic guitar many years ago. I never took lessons but learned basic chords and plunked around for a long time.

Several years ago I decided to get more serious about the subject, as I found it had a calming effect on my PTSD. I purchased a couple of online classes and began to make headway but found the classes somewhat limiting.

I purchased Fingerstyle 101 about a year ago and discovered techniques and methods which significantly improved my playing. I am still fingerpicking chords, but with more flair.

I have a friend in FL who plays regular gigs in local restaurants. I asked him to meet and critique my playing.

After a few songs, he stated “The public needs to hear your skills”. I have a decent voice to go with the playing, but not too interested in doing public performances. However, I would like to be able to add more melody to my playing as well as learning to better utilize the fretboard. I found your emails and encouragement to be extremely helpful.

Best Regards”



Awesome work, John.

…And great stuff in regard to his friend telling him he should get out there and play.

Sometimes, we all need encouragement like that.

Developing the skill and the confidence to show off those skills is ace.

…Even if you’re not all that bothered about playing for others.

I know many of you play purely for yourself, and rightly so.

…But if you have the desire to perform for others, don’t hold yourself back.

You can do it.


Of course, getting “performance ready” takes time.

If you’re not there yet, you will get there.

Keep working at it.

…And if you are performance ready, and you want to play for others but need a nudge, see this email as that nudge…

Go for it.

Sharing your music is a wonderful thing to do.


Email #2

“I love this course! I’m not even really playing much at this point, but I have already learned so much.

When I played decades ago, I wasn’t any good then, but I already know now that relearning and learning the right way is going to make my return both easier and quicker.

Thank you. Dan. I am going through this course and will circle back to the beginning and then get into the hardcore practice it is going to take.”



Good work from Tweed.

Circling back to the beginning and relearning the right way is what many of us have to or have had to do.

As I often say, the past is the past.

If you’ve struggled before, it doesn’t mean you will keep on struggling.

A lot of the time, it means you need to do something different.

Learn what inspires you, get a teacher, try a different course, and go deeper on the fundamentals.

It could be any number of things.


We don’t know the future (unless you believe Terminator 2: Judgement Day, ha-ha)

…And if getting really good at the basics of guitar playing and having fun fingerpicking is what you want to do, then my Fingerstyle 101 course is a good place to begin.

Tweed loves it, John found it super helpful, and I hope you do too.

The paperback book and eBook versions are very inexpensive.

You can also get the video version if you find learning via video helps you (which many people do find).


Here’s the place to check it all out…

Fingerstyle 101 – a step-by-step guide to beautiful fingerpicking guitar playing


Enjoy your Wednesday!… 

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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