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A simple and consistent practice routine

Most people who achieve success in life tend to have a solid daily routine that works for them.

This happens in all walks of life, such as:

The 50-pound overweight guy who tracks his calories every day and loses that weight in a year.

The athlete who heads to the gym to do an hour of gruelling workouts every day.

The successful author who gets up and makes sure she writes for one hour every single day no matter what.


What is your daily guitar routine?

Some students have excellent routines which are very specific.

Some students prefer to have more of a “freestyle” practice.

A lot depends on how much time we have, how organised we like to be, or how much we like to just “go with the flow” when practising.


If you’re not happy with how your practice is going, you may want a more solid daily routine.

The good news is you can get a lot done in a short space of time

In fact, a good, simple practice routine you can do each day is what I call an A/B routine.

  • The A section covers all your technical practice and core skills you know you need to work on each day.
  • The B section is the other stuff – the songs, the jamming, the Travis picking, or blues playing, etc.


A while back, I put together a 4-minute daily practice routine for students that covers the A section stuff.

In this routine, we take eight things and play them for 30 seconds each, covering many different things in a short space of time. E.g. simple technique-building exercises, pressure-reducing exercises, dexterity builders, and a melody or two.

That way we check all the key boxes to help a student improve in just four minutes per day

You simply press play on the video and do the routine with me.

Then you have the rest of your practice time to do what you like (i.e. all the fun stuff).

So, if you ever feel guilty about not practising, don’t.


Simply check out the four-minute routine that is part of my 7-day course and do it daily.

If you do, you will see progress and be a happier and more successful guitarist for it.

Find out more about the 7-Day Transformation Course


Have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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