Today is, of course, Black Friday.

It seems like the whole world and their pet hamster are trying to sell you something.

In the guitar world, this might mean micro-amps, guitar pedals…


…And even the elusive E-bow (I love it, but mine’s been sitting in a drawer for two years – it’s become part of the drawer’s identity at this point).

I’ve seen a few “crazy” deals already.

Call me a cynic, but most of them seem about as useful as a snowmobile in the Sahara.


It just seems that Black Friday is a day where people throw together random stuff, wrap it in a bow, and call it a deal.

Not just in the general world.

…But in the guitar world, earlier I saw a famous guitar guru selling some sort of “ultimate” bundle.

To me, it looks like a musical grab bag of random stuff – theory, blues, and a collection of PDFs.

I’ve never liked all that random stuff.


So, I’m steering clear of all that.

If you want to avoid the Black Friday stuff too, here’s a practical thing you can do:

You can make the most of what you already have.

  1. Polish Your Craft: Dedicate some quality time to improving your musical skills. Revisit the songs you love, perfect the things you’re working on, and enjoy what you have.
  2. Use the courses you have: If you’ve got any of my courses, you can revisit them and check them all out
  3. Fine-Tune Your Setup: You could also streamline your equipment, get rid of old stuff, think about what you actually need, and organise all your notes and your practice room (I have to do this today!)
  4. Prep for 2024: You can also have one eye ahead for 2024 and start thinking about the things you want to achieve on the guitar next year.

Next week, I’ll share a new idea that will help you get set up for 2024.

I’m excited to tell you about this.

As for me, today I’m off to get a discount guitar micro-amp, a snazzy case, and a random course I’ll never use.

Kidding, of course.


Enjoy your playing… Today and every day.

Warm regards,

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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