Here’s a little tip on technique that some of you will find handy for sure.

It’s an unusual one, and it’s all about:


“Swinging the elbow”


Many guitarists make a certain mistake when they play guitar.

That is, they keep the elbow of their fretting hand rigid when playing.

Picture this.


You try to play a chord or riff and your fretting hand’s elbow is locked in position.

…And that means you may struggle to adjust your hand, and therefore the fingers.

This can restrict you from getting into an optimal position.

…And that can place undue strain on the wrist and fingers as well as cause pain, and joint or tendon issues.


To avoid this, allow your elbow to move around in a comfortable manner as you play.

I call this “Swinging the elbow”.


Let the elbow move freely and keep it relaxed as you play.

Try it today.


Play a piece of music or a scale and see and feel what you do with your elbow.

Let the elbow move around as and when needed.

I hope you found that helpful.


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Have a great day!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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