Here is a 10-second tip for you to enjoy.

One of the coolest things about playing guitar is this…


Having the ability to play riffs, licks, melodies, and chord voicings all around the fretboard.

There are various ways you can get better at this skill.

Here’s a little two-step process to help you:


1 – Choose a chord and work out the notes in that chord.

For instance, let’s take the chord of F. This chord contains the notes of F A C.


2 – Find those notes on any strings at various places on the fretboard.

E.g. You could play those notes here:

High E string – fret 5

B string – fret 6

G string – fret 5


Now you are playing a jangly higher-pitch version of an F Major chord.

The eagle-eyed out there will notice this is a triad D chord shape, but moved up the fretboard to create the F.

There are lots of ways to put this idea to practical use too.


You can pick those three notes instead of strumming a “normal” F.

…Or you could use those notes as a basis for a melody.

…And add notes in and around those three notes (that sounds very melodic).

Today, you might like to try this process of 1) taking a chord and working out the notes and 2) finding those notes up the fretboard.

Start with any chord you like, such as F, C, Am, G, or anything like that.


To get good at this requires some good fretboard and theory knowledge, but with practice, you will improve here.

At some point, I’ll be selling my theory book again.

…But before that, I’ve got some other cool things coming first, including stuff on barre chords and, of course, my brand-new book, which is finally almost ready to go on sale.

Very exciting times. I cannot wait to release this book.


For now though, if you want to explore the fretboard a little more, then you might like to check out my blues course.

There are some good fun ways of playing riffs and melodies to spice up the blues!

The 12-Bar Blues Mini Masterclass


Keep having fun and keep exploring the fretboard.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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