Many years ago, I first heard the following quote:

“The fretting hand is the brain and the strumming hand is the soul”.


That’s a great quote.

I wish I knew who said it.

Well, the quote is true with all guitars playing in many respects and it’s especially true with strumming.

If you want to add more life, soul, and rhythm to your strumming, what do you do?


Of course, first off you need to be able to do the “brain” type stuff.

That is, you need to be able to ensure your fretting hand can play the chords cleanly.

If not, what you do with the strumming “soul” won’t matter too much.

Therefore, keep working on perfecting your chords and chord changes – that is something all guitarists can work on.

That goes for if you’re starting out with open chords…

Or if you’re taking the step up to mastering barre chords.


And once you have a few open chords you can play well and you can change between…

You can open up a whole new world when it comes to strumming with much more “soul”.

You can play a variety of rhythms, enjoy different techniques such as “pick strumming”, bass runs, and lots of different strumming grooves.


Well, as I spoke about recently, I’m filming a new course on strumming very soon.

…But in the meantime, if you want some beginner help on this topic, then you might like to check out my latest YouTube video.

It’s a simple lesson that is good fun.

I’ve enjoyed being back on YouTube so far.

The first full-length video I put out in years last week has had some great feedback with a few thousand views, 100+ likes, and plenty of comments, which is great.


Thank you if you did leave a comment.

If you enjoy the world of strumming or want some quick pointers, then you might like to check out this new video below…

And if you like it, I’d love it if you leave a comment on the page and let me know.

The more impact and reach these videos get, the more of them I’ll do.

How to Improve Your GROOVE for Beginner Guitarists


Thanks for being part of this mailing list and happy strumming!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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