fix buzzing chords

Today, I want to talk about a simple tip that will help you improve your chords.

This is especially important if you find your chords buzz or you get dead notes in your chords.


It’s all about:

The “Elbow/Shoulder Axis”


Here’s a big problem that I see with students…

They often tense up the shoulder of their fretting hand.

This is bad because it can cause huge tension throughout the arm…

…But it will also “lock” your elbow in place.

Having your shoulder and elbow rigid can cause your hand and fingers to be in the wrong position.

This means the fingers will NOT be on their tips…

And when playing a chord, some of the strings will buzz, crackle, and sound as dead as a dormouse.


So, the key thing is to relax your shoulder and let your elbow move freely.

This allows you to get on your fingertips more easily.

It’s a simple tip but there are a few subtleties to getting the best out of it.


…And it’s these tips and those subtleties that I’m covering in a super simple DTAA lesson which will be released tomorrow.

This little lesson is a bonus extra lesson that goes alongside the other new lessons which include how to play my new “Frankie and Johnny” arrangement, a 5-step barre chords lesson, and a fun little fingerpicking two-minute challenge.

Check out the academy below:

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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