The book launch for The Six String Lifer’s Handbook has been my biggest yet.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how many people have decided to try out the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy and get the book.


The Academy has been a game-changer for many over the years and this book only makes the Academy bigger and stronger.

…Yet I know some people are on the fence about it.

If you are, here are two reasons why you shouldn’t get the new book.


#1 – You are a collector and not a user

For me, there is nothing worse than sending out a book and someone not using it.

It’s probably an author’s worst nightmare, putting your heart and soul into something and it not getting used by the people who buy it… but that’s part of life.

Although most people who buy my books read them from cover to cover multiple times, some will just let them gather dust.

I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

I’ve bought tonnes of books, but many I barely read.

Years ago, before Archie was born, and when I had way more time…

I made a point to go through all the music books I’d purchased and use them – it was fun and very useful.


With my new book, I’m asking students to cover just some of the costs of shipping and handling.

I’m covering the rest of the costs myself, so it actually costs me money to send out each bundle (I wanted to keep costs for you as low as possible to make it a very special offer – which I may not do again).

It’s actually a bit like the story of the band New Order and their song, “Blue Monday”.

This song was a synth-pop/dance track from the 80s that was the biggest-selling 12-inch vinyl song of all time.

It actually cost the band more money to create each single than they made in sales.

So, they actually lost money each time they sold a record!

Crazy, really.

Of course, it worked out for the band pretty well, as they made a big impact on many people’s lives.

That’s what I want with this book.


#2 – You’re not committed

I’ve found many times over that my best students commit more to the guitar.

Half-hearted guitarists just don’t get all that much out of the lessons.

There are people who will tell you, that “it’s okay to practise here and there”.

Yes, that’s fine, and it’s better than nothing, but real progress comes from commitment.

Most people find it easy to fill their spare time with TV or scrolling their phones.

And I get that…after a long day, sometimes it’s nice to relax…

But if you give yourself a nudge and go pick up that guitar instead, it will be time better spent in my experience.


Yes, it takes effort, and when you practise, you need to be focused.

…But those who make the guitar a priority in life get far more out of it – more joy, progress, increased health, and happiness benefits.

But there can be another problem…

You may find your motivation to practise low because you are simply not inspired.

That is understandable – especially if you’ve been on the guitar playing merry-go-round for years and can’t play any songs that inspire you.


But if you are willing to give the guitar the commitment it deserves…

…And you’ve gotten stuck in the past, or motivation has slowly been squeezed out of you…

Then you will get a lot out of my new book and Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy.

Both work hand in hand to give you fun, inspiring lessons that will make you excited to practise every single day.

Just remember, though, you have to use the lessons and apply what I teach to your playing.

Do that and many exciting times are ahead in your playing.

Find out more about the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


To your guitar-playing happiness…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. On Monday evening, I will close enrolment to the Academy for at least a few months and here are four things to keep in mind:

1 – It’s the last chance to get The Six String Lifer’s Handbook for quite some time. This is the only place you can get the book.

2 – When I open up the Academy again for enrolment, the price will go up.

3 – The new monthly lessons for April, including my Travis picking Masterclass of “You’ve Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley” will not be available – unless you join before the end of the month.

Plus, over the next few months, I’ve got some very special things lined up for Academy members, but you’ve got to be in it, to get these things.

Find out more about the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


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