If you love guitar and love a bit of magic, I’m sure you will love these guitar magic tricks below. Here we have 4 of the funniest and most jaw dropping guitar magic trick videos ever. Featuring the likes of Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, Paul Gilbert of Mr Big, the legendary magician Dynamo and some random guy of YouTube, you’ll be sure to enjoy this combination of guitar, magic and comedy.

Guitar Magic Tricks

Slash w/ Penn and Teller

The Slash video is a real treat. Hardly seen by anyone, it was recorded during Slash’s quiet years during his Snakepit days. I’m guessing that’s why no one has really seen it. Slash with Penn and Teller is pretty funny and has Slash’s don’t give a damm attitude all over it. Even here, he could look geeky as hell but plays along with the joke and pulls it off while looking as cool as ever.

Paul Gilbert

This Paul Gilbert video is a piece of magic genius. If you haven’t seen this one already you’ll be blown away by his guitar trick. Mr Big weren’t my favourite band in the world. Their track ‘To Be With You’ was awful but ‘Undertow’ was actually a really cool song. Anyway, Paul Gilbert is a great guitar player and a pretty funny guy as we see here.


Have you ever heard of Dynamo? He’s a huge star here in the UK and is a pretty darn good magician. A rubbish guitarist it has to be said though. His magic trick with a guitar and a chair is pretty astounding. I have heard lots of theories about how he did it. Do you know how he does it?

Del Puckett

The last video is a guy from YouTube called Del Puckett who show you three very cool little tricks.  The last one is actually pretty useful and could be used in a real life setting. Maybe if you wanted to get the bell sound at the beginning of Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’. Just don’t take him too seriously.It is comedy magic after all!

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