I don’t watch much TV all that often.

…But when I want some mindless chill-out time, I do occasionally flick through the channels and often end up watching Challenge TV…


This channel shows reruns of quiz shows… Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Chase, and shows like that.

Of course, when there’s a music question, I love it even more.

Yeah, I’m a big geek, I know.

…But one thing I think all guitarists should do is to get “quizzed” on their knowledge.


TV game shows obviously test people on their general knowledge.

Formal education tests students.

…But in the guitar world, there’s not enough testing I find.

Each time I watch these old quiz shows, I get reminded of this.

…Because being “quizzed” is a surefire way to know where the holes are in your playing.


For example, here’s a mini quiz for you…

Q1 – Which note is on fret 3 of the A string?
Q2 – What are the I-IV-V chords in the key of G?
Q3 – What notes are in the G Major scale?

I’ll put the answers below.


See if you can get them right.

If you don’t know the answers, that’s okay.

You might not be that bothered about learning such things right now, but I guarantee the more you develop, the more knowing these little nuggets of theory and fretboard knowledge will help.

…And they can give you a deeper understanding of how the guitar and music work – both of which are very good things.



Now then, scroll down for the answers…





Just so you don’t accidentally see the answers, you’ll need to scroll a little further…




Q1 – The note is C
Q2 – G C D (all three are Major chords)
Q3 – G A B C D E F# G


Anyway, I hope you found that useful.

Regular testing and little quizzes can help.

Plus, if you’re like me and you also find this sort of thing fun, it can make the guitar-playing journey that much more enjoyable.


If you want a proper quiz on this sort of thing using some cool software on my site where you click a button to answer, then check out the Who Wants to Be a Musical Millionaire quiz. That quiz is designed to help test you on the important elements taught inside the bundle.

You can get it as part of my eBook bundle below.

Guitar Domination Super eBook Bundle


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. What was David Bowie’s pub quiz team called?

“Quizzy Stardust”. Haha – actually, that was my old pub quiz team name.


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