Every day I play guitar, I try to discover some new treasure.

This can be done in many ways…


Jamming a new chord, a different voicing, playing a different flurry of notes…

Or it might be an embellishment, an alternative chord progression, or some totally random experiment.

Honestly, I could name dozens of things here.

…But the point is that the guitar is this wonderful resource full of hidden gold awaiting you.


Sometimes the gold takes work to find.

Sometimes it’s there waiting for you.

…And finding this gold is part of the wonderful journey of becoming, being, and improving as a musician.

It’s not just on the guitar that I love to do this.

…But in life too.


Over the years, I’ve loved creating little treasure maps for my son Archie.

My love of this probably stems from growing up watching classic movies such as The Goonies, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and of course, Indiana Jones.

Anyway, a while back I thought, why not make a specific treasure hunt for guitarists to help you uncover some musical gold?

So, I did.


Take my Fingerstyle 101 video course, for instance, which is a video course on my website.

There’s the obvious way of uncovering gold in this course.

That is via the lessons, patterns, chord progression, and musical examples, as well as the nuggets of advice I share throughout.

The other way you can find gold in this course, though, is a bit quirkier.


Basically, as you go through the course, you can mark lessons as “complete” meaning you know what you’ve done…

You can visually see where you are with the lessons, so you don’t get lost…

…But better than that, there is a fun little “treasure hunt”.

As you go through the course, there are encouraging messages that pop up on certain pages when you complete the lessons.

Each message unlocks one of three “keys”.

When you get all three keys, a series of bonuses “magically” appear in your account.


There is no way to get these bonuses other than by going through the course and unlocking them.

Yes, it’s a bit of fun, but it works.

Some folks buy courses and need no motivation to use them…

…but others need a nudge.


I know this sort of fun-filled motivation would 100% make me want to dive into a course right away, and I hope it will for you too.

Obviously, this is the icing on the cake with the course.

The main thing is that the course will take you by the hand and help you be the fingerpicking guitarist you really want to be.

That is the most important thing.

Think of the treasure hunt as a light-hearted way of making your journey with fingerpicking a more memorable and exciting experience.


Anyway, the course is on sale until tomorrow night Pacific time.

To find out more about it and get it at a lower price than it normally is, the link below is the place to go…

Find out more about the Fingerstyle 101 Video Course


Remember to keep searching for the gold in your playing.

It’s so worth it.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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