Here are two more interesting emails and comments I have got lately.

I’ve had a lot of emails this past week to choose from and here are two of my favourites…

I hope you find them useful…


Email #1

“Hi Dan, 

Were you been listening in to my practising yesterday.😀 Thank you for your comment about “Gritting your teeth.” That was exactly me yesterday and I felt quite defeated for a while.

I realised I have been so focused on getting Amazing Grace perfect that I’ve been forgetting about “chunking” and to just have fun with the guitar and play some songs, including my own songs just for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

So your comment was perfectly timed and today I have reset my thinking and I’m making sure I include some fun songs and continue to do that.

As a result my “head space” is in a much better place. So thank you, your email was so helpful.


– Joe


I’m glad to hear it helped.

In case you missed it, Joe was referring to the email I sent out on Monday which mentioned avoiding “gritting your teeth” when you practise.

There are some important takeaways and reminders here which include…

Being focused and relaxed when you practise.

Being dedicated when learning a song but having the willingness to focus on small chunks.

Being inspired as much as you can and jamming and creating music occasionally (it’s fun).

…And, of course, trying to maintain a positive “head space” when learning anything.


Those are all important things and good reminders for us all so thanks to Joe for that email.

I know many folks reading this will relate to that as they will this next one…



Email #2

“Hi Dan,

I look forward to your emails and really enjoy them.  This one though hit all the right “feels” for me.

I also truly believe that experiences are far more valuable than “things”.

Here in Ohio, I enjoy many local artists and bands. 

There are many free “concerts in the park” marked on my calendar. I also enjoy seeing my favorite local artists at restaurants and bars in the area.  One of my favorites though, is the “porchfest” held in a small nearby town. I attended this alone last year, but it was a great experience! Not only did I see great local musicians, I found myself striking up conversions with many other music lovers.  

As for the “nudge” and encouragement, even as an adult student, words of positivity go a long way. I was a nervous wreck before my first (and only) open mike. My teacher simply said 4 words before we went on stage. “I believe in you.” I doubt that he realizes today what an impact that had on me at that moment! 

By the way, good for Archie! I learned to swim as an adult! (With the help of a good friend.)

Sounds like he has a great dad in his corner! 

Sorry about going on and on.  Thank you for all your helpful emails, tips and advice!


– Cindy


Ah, thanks so much to Cindy for the email.

I love that she goes to watch lots of live musicians perform.

It’s a great point about it not costing much.

There are a tonne of events here around Birmingham in the summer, many of which don’t cost anything… And it seems like that’s the case in other parts of the world too.

That little bit of effort to watch people perform can be super inspiring.

It can open you up to new thoughts and possibilities, and new things you want to try on the guitar.


As for those kind words her teacher said to her, that is lovely.

The truth is, some people lack self-belief for a whole variety of reasons and having people believe in you is powerful… but of course, believe in yourself too.

…Because if you think about it, you’ve no doubt achieved a lot in your life so far (like Cindy when she learnt to swim as an adult).

…So why can’t you achieve a level of awesomeness on the guitar that you desire, and enjoy all the benefits of doing so if you haven’t yet already? You certainly can!

Anyway, I hope those emails were inspiring to you.


I read and enjoy all the emails I get, even if I don’t always get time to reply to them all (this week has been extra busy).

Thanks to everyone who emailed in and if you want to have some more fun on the guitar today, then you might like to check this out.

Travis Picking: The Tom Dooley Mini Masterclass


Have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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