The other day I talked about a little glitch in my emails that went out.

I was talking about how the little things do make a big difference.

…But today I want to flip that on its head and talk about the importance of not “sweating the small stuff”.


Here’s a little story about this…

Back in 2013, I was in a band and we were playing our first “official” gig.

The promoter running the show was also a skilled music producer.

He wanted to record every band’s set and give them a CD of the gig.


It was a great idea.

So, there we were up on stage.

I was playing my Yamaha Pacifica 812V electric (a guitar I still love – it’s like the wonderful standard Pacifica guitar but on turbo drive).

The gig was going great, but there was a problem…


It was a scorching hot summer’s day, and the lights on stage were melting us.

I could taste the sweat dripping off me.

And as we were getting to the climax of a song called ‘Apollo Creed’ (yes, this song was a reference to the ‘Rocky’ movies, haha).

The deadly moment happened.

…My pick flew out of my hand in the middle of the song.


I’d had no time to get a new pick from my stand, so I had to play the rest of the song with my fingers.

The trouble was, I’d never fingerpicked this song before…

How did it go?

Well, as good as possible.

I knew there was a mistake as I lost the pick and I knew this would be on the recording.

…But I was reasonably pleased I managed to recover the mistake.


We loved the gig, but that mistake nagged at me in my gut.

About a week later, we stuck the CD in the player and heard the final recording of the show.

I paid attention to that part of the song and I was getting ready to cringe when the mistake was about to pop up in the song…

…And I was waiting for everyone else to laugh.

But guess what…

You could not even hear the mistake.


The mistake was so inaudible no one other than me noticed – at least not until I pointed it out. Even then, it was super slight.


So that nagging feeling I had was much ado about nothing for sure.


Moral of the story…

Go easy on yourself when you practise.

Mistakes happen. Just try to be kind to yourself when they do happen and prepare, so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

I hope this email was helpful to you.

By the way, for every gig after that, I made sure I had fresh guitar picks everywhere within reach at all times, haha.


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Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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