This is a great song right from my childhood. Many people hold this song closely because they are either big Oasis fans and/or they loved British 90’s comedy The Royle Family.

Personally, I loved both. This is a pretty stunning sounding guitar song that is a great workout for your open chord changes.

How to play Oasis – Half the World Away with chords and video

There are a lot of chord changes as well as a change of rhythm so do take your time and watch your tempo. Don’t play it too fast.

It’s best to watch the video first to get the idea behind the rhythm, timing and other subtleties of the song.

Then use the chord and structure guide below as much as needed.

It’s a simple, very distinctive sounding songs but the amount of chords and changes are surprisingly complex.

That doesn’t mean it’s a hard song to play, but it is great practice for your chord changes and a test for your memory too.

If you are fairly new to guitar it will be tricky due to the sheer number of chord changes so take your time and master each section before moving on.

The hardest chord in Half the World Away is no doubt the Fm chord.

As I talk about in the video, you can play the 4 string version or the 3 string mini version which is where you only barre strings 1,2, and across the 1st fret with the index finger.

This will be easier for most of you especially if you are new to barre chords and it more than sounds okay for the song.

Chords and structure for Half the World Away


C Major F major 7


C Major F major 7 C MajorC_BA minorD MajorF major 7

Pre – Chorus

Chunk 1

A minor C Major E MajorA minor

Chunk 2

F major 7D Major G folk version G7

Repeat chunk 1


F major 7F minorC MajorC_BA minorD MajorF major 7

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