I just got back from Lyme Regis, a beautiful part of England on the south coast.


It is a great place famous for where The French Lieutenant’s Woman was based (the film starring Meryl Streep).

It’s also famous for the sea wall “Cobb” and dinosaur fossils.

(I reckon it should also be famous for Antonio’s Trattoria too – the food was amazing.)


Anyway, this brings me to a question:

These are things that Lyme Regis is remembered for, but…


What would you like to be remembered for with your guitar playing?


It’s a useful question to ask, even if you never want to play in front of anyone else (which is most people, I know).

A question like this can help focus your mind on the things that matter to you.


For instance, I have a student who was once trying to learn everything.

He was scratching about trying blues, classical pieces, fingerstyle arrangements, strumming songs, learning the fretboard, and more…

He was all over the shop.


While it is great to have fun and play different things, it is really hard to learn lots of different styles and techniques at the same time.

When he came to me for lessons, I got him to focus on what he was most passionate about, and we went deeper on that for a few months.

It was the blues he most enjoyed playing and once he really came to grips with it, he started to make great progress.


Whatever you learn, always keep in mind it’s always a good idea to learn what YOU are most passionate about and go deeper with that.

Practising guitar becomes more fun and more productive that way.


Anyway, have a great Friday and it’s good to be back.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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P.P.S. If you ever get a chance to go to Dorset where Lyme Regis is, it is rather beautiful.


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