Indiana Jones

As a kid, my all-time favourite movie was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


Every Friday evening, the family would go up to my grandparents.

My grandad and I would go to a golf range for a bit.

Then we’d go back to theirs and eat Chinese food.

…And if I was lucky, my uncle would put the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie on.


I’ve probably watched it 100+ times (although not in a long time).

Of course, there are no guitars in the movie.

(The guitars were in Raiders of the Lost Barre starring Harrison Chord – ha-ha, terrible, terrible puns I know, but I couldn’t resist).


…But one of my favourite scenes is something I talk about with students.

It’s near the end when Indy is looking for the Holy Grail.

Someone shoots his father (Sean Connery), so Indy has to try to save him by finding the grail.

He walks through the maze, nearly loses his head (literally), and encounters an old knight and all the possible holy grails.

Some are glorious and full of sapphires and rubies, but Indy has to choose wisely.


This is like you when it comes to learning songs, you must also choose wisely.


…Because, in the movie, the bad guy grabs a cup, one full of sapphires, and he drinks from it.

His body deteriorates, and he’s dead in a moment.

Brutal ey.

Indy chooses the cup that he thought Jesus would have had.

That is the cup of a carpenter.

Simple, sleek, and perfectly built.


Now, of course, with choosing songs it’s not as serious as all that, but it still makes sense to choose them very wisely.

After all, there are a limitless number of songs out there you could choose from.


How do you know which songs to choose?


Which songs will give you hours of joy and which will cause pain and frustration?

No one has all the answers as we are all unique, but as most of you reading this love to fingerpick…

You might want to have a look at my course featuring 18 songs, all of which have been tested with students in my studio over many years.

All the songs are ordered in levels of difficulty and each sounds great.

As I say, try to learn five songs from start to finish.

It’s a great first goal.


This course contains a really good selection.

Plus, when you learn your first five, you can keep coming back to this course for years to come to play even more…

Anyway, for the next 3 days, you can get this course with a 33% discount.

Find out more below…

The Fingerstyle Collection – learn 18 beautiful arrangements and discover the 3-step method


…And if you have any other bad Indiana Jones puns, let me know… 

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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