I have been mentioning it here and there for the past year or so, and now it is finally on its way. My brand new Strumming Masterclass e-Course. It’s the most important course or resource I have created as of yet.

Strumming tends to be the one thing that all beginners find a challenge.

It is closely followed by difficulties with chord changes, but the big difference with strumming is, strumming often frustrates guitarists at a variety of skill levels and not just beginners.

Poor strumming skills can be a huge source of frustration in the first few months of playing guitar and often even for guitarists who have played for years, sometimes as much as 5 or 10 years – it depends if they got off on the right foot using the right habits with their strumming.

Do not worry, in this course we will solve all your strumming issues. Read on for more…

When is the course available?

It will be released probably in 2-3 weeks from today but that’s no guarantee. This post is not an official release date so please don’t hold me to that. There are a lot of factors still being sorted such as some filming, editing, the graphics, etc, and there are a few people working on it. I am also writing the supplementary strumming guide over the next week, as well as some other bits and pieces for the course. Phew.

That’s a lot to be done, but I can’t wait to get it out there for you.

What will it be about?

The Strumming course will be a step by step guide on how to become a natural sounding, effortless professional strumming guitarist. This means you will be able to pick up a guitar any place, any time and armed with just some simple chords (which we will also go through), you will be able to wow your audience with a variety of stylish and sophisticated strumming patterns.

You will be taken through all the fundamentals of strumming such as the technical elements that most people neglect, and you will be taught how to strum with a completely solid base which you can build upon for years to come.

Once you have this solid base, you won’t have any problems with strumming a guitar again. That’s my promise.

Rhythm and strumming will make sense, everything will click, and your frustrations of strumming will be a thing of the past.

The first section will be about the fundamentals of strumming. Get a solid base for you to work with for the rest of your guitar playing days. This will potentially save you hundreds of hours of experimenting and trying to solve strumming issues for yourself. Even experience players will be thankful for this section.

The second part is about learning strumming patterns. Most music we hear uses just a select amount of specific strumming patterns – 8 of them to be precise. Most songs you hear in standard time will use one of these 8 strum patterns, or a very subtle variation.

Yes, that’s right. So, once you are though this section of the course you will be very comfortable playing these set strumming patterns, and then when you want to learn a new song, you will find you will almost certainly know recognise the strum patterns instantly. How cool is that?

The third section is all about learning songs and riffs that use these actual strumming patterns so you can hear them for yourself in real world scenarios. This is always useful as I am always keen on backing up any of my claims about where and how you can hear these strum patterns.

How much will it cost?

It will be around $40, but on its initial release weekend there will be a big discount for anyone on the mailing list, (you will receive notification of this discount in an email from me so watch out) and there will be bonuses for anyone who joins the course on its initial weekend.

Once enrolled, you will get lifetime access to the course, you will get your free supplementary guide which will be available in pdf and mobi formats so you can read it on your Kindle as well as pc and other devices, and you will get your free bonuses to keep forever.

I will be giving you a 30 day refund period if you find that the course isn’t for you for some reason. You will still be able to keep your bonuses and supplementary guide even then.

Is this new stuff or stuff you have recorded before?

If you have read and watched every single video and book I have released then you will know a couple of the things in the course, but at least 90% of this will be completely new and fresh material. The only people to see this stuff are my private students (either in person or via Skype).

To put it simply, this is the most important course I have created  – ever . I don’t say that lightly. My chord changes course, 10 week beginner course and my Super Book Bundle are still very important but this strumming course is massive for most guitarists reading this.

Can I get a free review copy for my blog?

If you are a random person then probably not, but if you have a real blog with real traffic then yes, contact me and I’ll send out access for you to join and review the course.

Will there be bonuses for early buyers?

Most definitely!

As stated above, the buyers who purchase the course in the first weekend of release will get some very cool bonuses that I am excited to be releasing. These bonuses are tied into the theme of ‘Strumming’ but will be so much more. More on this soon.

Can you include something about (insert topic)?

Yes, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you want to learn about in the world of strumming. I have covered pretty much everything, but there is always a question or footnote that a student has or wants that I would like to include.

I have almost finished all filming, but have about 10% left to do, so feel free to tell me what you want to learn and I will include it, either in the video course itself or as part of an F.A.Q.

Go on, tell me what you want to learn, improve upon, or struggle with in the world strumming. This course is all for you guys after all.


Luis Matos
May 10, 2016 Reply

I play with a Praise and Worship team at my church and we are often trying out new songs. To keep up, I have to be practicing different strumming patterns at home. I would be very interested in a Strumming E-course.

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