Here are two more interesting emails I have got lately.

I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…

Today we are talking about left-handed people trying to play right-handed…

…And a nifty little technique that can get you playing in the style of a certain Jimi Hendrix…

Email #1

“Hi Dan,  

Firstly many thanks for your help in learning guitar. 

I started learning guitar on my 59th birthday after inheriting a Fender Stratocaster (same as my guitar hero Rory Gallagher).

I then found a guitar tutor, Eddie, he seemed ok but when you are learning do you know what a good tutor is. Eddie left to go back home to Holland and that was that.

I was determined to continue so looked for help, I watched a few online stuff and came across you. After feeling comfortable about your learning style (I am an engineer and like structure and planning) so purchased a couple of books.

My question to you is does a lefty have to play left-handed?

I am left-handed but inheriting the guitar of my dreams and with my engineering background thought why would it make difference, both hands are used, I have never played guitar before so crack on?

I met a left-handed guitarist in my 60th Birthday, asked him if I made the right decision, he advised no but if I have been learning right-handed for a year stick with it.

I have not heard tutors mention left-handed guitar playing so question what your thoughts is.

Anyways I am enjoying along with you, long may my progress continue.

Kind Regards

For the love of guitar”



A quick story.

I once taught a girl who was around 14.

She was playing right-handed but really struggled.

Her rhythm was poor and everything she played was fragmented and awkward.

…Even when we played a super simple 3-note melody.


It became apparent pretty quickly it wasn’t her fault.

It was the fact she was left-handed.

…And a very dominant left-handed person.

Her mum and I got talking, and I explained that she would likely do 10x better with a left-handed guitar.

Her mum got her a left-handed guitar and a few weeks later, it was like teaching a different person.


When playing the correct way for her, everything improved…

…And everything just seemed to make more sense for her.

Progress was far smoother.


Now, I’m not saying it’s the same for everyone.

She was a very left-hand dominant person (she did everything with this hand).

Some people are not as dominant and can potentially play the “other way”.

…But it’s well worth keeping this in mind.

Especially if you’re early on in your journey of playing and you are a very left-hand dominant person.


Email #2

“Hi Dan,

I watched your Instagram short on double stops. I really want to work on this more as I like the sound of that riff and get inspired by Hendrix style riffs.

Do you have any suggestions on how to best practice double stops? Are there any lessons on Fingerstyle 101 or DTAA that focus on this?”



I’m pleased the video got a good reaction.

In fact, I’d planned on teaching this type of lesson for a while and released that video on Instagram to test the waters.

I’ve never really taught this way of playing apart from in my studio before. (There are a gazillion things I want to teach and some things have to take a backseat after all).


…But on the 1st of August, I’ll be teaching this style of playing in a new DTAA lesson.

If you want to spice up routine open chords, embellish them, and add some fun riffs and licks to them in the style of Jimi Hendrix, this is a must-watch lesson.

Most other lessons I see on this style are quite theory-heavy.

This lesson is very simple.


I’ll share more on this soon, but for now, let me say, playing in this way can seem like magic when you see others do it (it used to for me), but here I’m pulling back the curtain on this style.

The lesson will be released in the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy on the 1st of August.

…And if you want to get started with the Academy, you can do so below.

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


It’s likely I’ll be increasing the price of the academy for new members soon. (The price will always remain the same for current members).

If you have any questions about joining or anything, let us know.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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