I heard something interesting on the radio the other day.

I was at the gym, and the radio presenter started talking about attraction.


She was saying that there is a new study showing that eating a full English breakfast is proven to make you more attractive.

Well, I’m not sure about you, but…

The thought of having someone watch me eat bacon, sausages, eggs, and multiple rounds of toast…

…Is probably not all that appealing!

I mean, who would find it attractive seeing baked bean juice drip down someone’s chin?


What is attractive though…

Is someone who plays guitar to a high standard.

Whether that be playing a beautiful song, jamming with elegance, or creatively playing up and down the fretboard.

That’s much more like it.


I know most people only want to play guitar for themselves.

Rightly so.

I started playing guitar when I was a fresh-faced 15-year-old because I was starting to really love music.

…But truth be told, I also started playing because I thought it would be cool to impress a girl from school.

There was one girl called Natalie who I had a big crush on.


Did it work?

Well, I never let her hear me play.

I think if I’d let any girl hear me play back then, they would not have been impressed.

A few years later though, I started to get good and my first proper girlfriend, Joanna, was impressed.

I’m not sure I won her over purely with my playing, but I like to think it helped.


Anyway, the takeaway from this really is…

I find it’s key to play for yourself first and foremost, but if you impress your other half or potential spouse with your guitar playing…

That’s never a bad thing!


For more help with your playing, and the lessons I wish I had known when I started out, check this out…

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I don’t think the lessons inside would have turned me into the “Casanova of guitar”…

…But they certainly would have got me playing to a far better level far sooner.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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Susan C
March 13, 2024 Reply

I highly recommend EVERYTHING Dan Thorpe. Your teaching has done more for my playing than any other.

Dan Thorpe
April 5, 2024 Reply

Thank you, Susan. Means a lot to hear. 🙂

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