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Strumming With Soul: Strum the guitar the proper way – with technique, passion and power…”

…will be available to purchase on:

Friday 21st August

I’ll be writing a blog post on that day about all relevant purchase links. Just head to to order the e-Course.

Elite Guitarist is the new sister site to this very site and is where all future courses, and paid exclusive content will be located.

The very first weekend the course will on sale as an introductory offer of just $17.99. This is a huge offer with over 50% off what the final price will be. After a short period, I will be selling the course for $47 as it’s standard price.

The very first weekend will be the only time the course is available at this price.

I will also be including several bonuses for anyone who orders on that weekend. After that date, the bonuses will be unavailable. More on that soon.

The course will contain 30HD videos with videos ranging from 2-10 minutes in length depending on the subject matter along with supplementary pdf and kindle eBook.

Just some of the things you will learn in the course will be:

  • Simple Strums That Sound Sophisticated
  • The 3 essential methods to proper fingerstyle strumming
  • The Must Know Super Flexible (and Super Common) Strums
  • Classic Bass Note Strums That Add Lots of Flavour and Power to Your Chords
  • What ‘swing’ is and how to add it to your strumming
  • Contemporary intermediate 16th Note Strums That Will Impress Your Audience
  • 4 very stylish swing strum patterns for a unique sound
  • Learn songs and riffs that use the strumming patterns taught in the course

It’s taken me years to create this course. It is the biggest, most important and most comprehensive piece of work I’ve ever done in my whole guitar teaching career.

I have taught 1000’s of hours of lessons and tweaked and tested all the material numerous times with dozens of students.  To say I’m excited about this would be a big understatement.

More details coming soon.

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