Here is a 10-second tip for you to enjoy.

One of my all-time favourite fingerpicking patterns is what I call…

The “Outwards” pattern.


If you ever want to jam, improvise…

Or just have a little bit of relaxing fingerpicking fun today…

This is a great pattern to try out.

It’s only four notes long, but there is a lot you can do with it.


I like to begin playing this pattern in the key of E minor.

To play the pattern in this key, you simply fingerpick the open strings of:

  • Low E
  • G
  • B
  • high E string

You can then keep picking these strings over and over.

Doing so is a nice way to warm up the picking hand.


I like to fingerpick these strings, but you can use a pick if you really prefer (getting good at both though, is never a bad thing).

You have a choice as to what to do next.

You can play a melody up and down one string such as the high E string.

…Or you can play this pattern on a chord progression such as G Em C D.

You could even stay mostly fretting one chord while embellishing it with hammer-ons and pull-offs.

The choices are limitless really.


The main takeaway here is that one little pattern can give you a lot of fun and help you explore the fretboard, “noodle”, and enjoy some chill time.

…And that’s what it’s all about for many.

Anyway, I cover how to play this pattern (and 10 patterns in total), plus key technical details, and so much more, in my Fingerstyle 101 course.

Many people love the book version of Fingerstyle 101, which is great…

…but many also tell me they get massive benefits from the video course.

That’s because you get to see me do all the movements, where everything is explained, close up with detailed precision.


For the next few days, I’ve put the video course on offer and you can check it out below.

Find out more about the Fingerstyle 101 Video Course


Have a great weekend and happy fingerpicking!

 Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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