As an 8-year-old kid, I remember my uncle putting the movie It on for me.

I’m not sure if you know it, but this is based on a Stephen King novel that features the horrific Pennywise the clown.


What’s cool is throughout the book version there are frequent references to the Neil Young lyric “Out of the blue and into the black” from the song “Hey, Hey, My, My” (I love that song).

Anyway, I remember watching It.

It starts with a kid who is out in the pouring rain in Derry, Maine.

He has a paper boat.

The boat is sailing away from him rapidly down a stream in the street gutter.

The paper boat travels on and on.

Then suddenly it goes down a drain.

The kid stops.

Awaiting him was the malevolent creature of Pennywise the clown and his sinister grin.


At that point, my uncle turned it off before it got horrific.

I kind of knew what was about to happen and I didn’t think I’d ever sleep again after my imagination went wild!

Well, the reason I’m talking about that is because it took me 20 years to revisit It and watch it properly.

…And that brings me to the word “resolution”.


It is a big word in music for two reasons:

#1 – A big factor in music is about building tension and giving it resolution. “Tension and release” is a powerful tool all great songwriters and composers tend to use brilliantly.

#2 – It’s wise to “resolve” what you start. E.g. finish the songs you learn.


Anyway, I love the story of It (I’m a big movie geek and I loved the book too).

So, in today’s Acoustic Asylum podcast, I’m talking about It, the character Pennywise the clown, and how the story can inspire you to be a better guitarist.

Some things I cover include the power of camaraderie, how it’s wise to be adaptable as a musician, the personal growth of learning the guitar, and much more.

If you like guitar and pop culture, with a few horror movie references thrown in, you’ll enjoy the podcast.

You can listen to the episode on Apple devices below…

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I hope you find the episode valuable on your journey and if you do, please do give the episode a review (they mean a lot to me).

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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