playing melodies 

Here is another 10-second tip for you.

…And it’s a good one if you struggle with plucking the wrong strings.


It’s all about playing melodies in a certain way.

Firstly, melodies are great fun because they feature the most recognisable part of a tune.

You simply play the melody and the tune is there!

Some guitarists struggle with playing melodies though.

That can be because a lot of them require you to change strings.

…And as we all know, picking different strings can be awkward and is the cause of some errors.

Changing frets with the picking hand and picking different strings can feel like a juggling act, where you are also plate spinning, and trying to tap dance at the same time!


So, what I recommend all beginners do is to learn a simple melody which is played all along the same string.

This means you don’t have to worry as much about the picking hand plucking the wrong string (you still have to be careful, but it’s easier).

…And melodies will give you fun playing a piece of music you recognise.

So, give it a go and learn a melody all on one string.

It’s fun!


If you want a good example of this, you may want to check out my 7-day course. In one lesson, I teach a super famous confidence-building 8-note melody all on one string.

You can find out more about the course here:

Find out more about the 7-Day Transformation Course


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Once you learn the melody (which is on day 2 of the course), you can take it further by:

  • Playing it with different fingers (this will give all your fretting hand fingers a good workout)
  • Moving the melody to another string (such as the B string) which will help your picking hand get used to plucking different strings accurately.


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