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Here are two more interesting emails and comments I have got lately.

I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…


Today, we are talking about a big dream for a student and…

The power of having a good mental attitude (plus, at the end, there’s a cool new way to get free lessons and stuff from me).

Email #1

“Howdy! I’m Susan from South Florida (but my heart is in Scotland). I’ve been playing (practicing) for almost 3 years. I started with a Baby Taylor and have a small collection started. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I’m 62 years YOUNG and I’m going to conquer this (these) guitar(s). I am easily distracted and go down rabbit holes; thus, I have difficulty learning a song from start to finish. My goal? Classical Gas.

I am going to play Classical Gas come hell or high water. Dan, I’m counting on you to give me the skills I need. (No pressure) I’m here because 3 years have gone by and I feel as though I should be much further along, considering my dedication. Let’s do this! Does anyone want to be my Classical Gas buddy? I’ve followed Dan since 2021. I only know this because when I signed up for the class, it gave me the password I had for 2 years! I read all the emails… yet never took the plunge. I have 2 of Dan’s books and discovered I love finger picking. So let’s do this. I’m ready. Nice to meet everyone.”



That is a great goal and a great tune.

I love it when students have a really clear goal.

It gives you something very specific to aim for.

Playing a song such as Classical Gas will be a fun challenge for Susan, I’m sure.


Yes, it will, of course, take lots of focused practice, and it’s worth getting a plan together of how to get there.


Month 1 – learn and perfect bars 1-2.

Month 2 – perfect the next two bars, etc.


Breaking songs up into small bite-size chunks allows you to make progress with it, and work on other key areas of guitar playing.

This includes things like Core Fundamental Technique and improving your all-round musical skills.

…And you can do so without getting bashed over the head with a sledgehammer-like overwhelming feeling!

I say that because even if you’re super motivated right now, life can sometimes get in the way…

So, there will inevitably be moments where progress slows down a little.

That’s why bite-sized chunks, a hearty dose of resilience, and the willingness to let yourself enjoy each step of the journey are key.


Email #2

“Hey Dan,

I just posted this on FB to a new contributor (fellow named Tom) and thought to myself, hey, I should send this to Dan as a way of thanking him. Here it is:

“Welcome Tom! My guitar-playing story is similar to yours and I too discovered Dan’s superb Fingerstyle 101, which I’m working through now. I’m about 1/2 way through and have made great progress, in terms of both my playing and attitude. In his books and other online resources Dan is a superb teacher. One thing I really appreciate is his emphasis on cultivating the right mental attitude and state of mind while playing and learning.

Most teachers and instruction authors neglect this important aptitude, leading to frustration, discouragement, and what in my case turned into hopelessness. It was for this reason that I gave up the guitar for 10 years. I encourage you and everyone to listen to the wonderful episode 12 of his Acoustic Asylum (great title) podcast titled, “The Rollercoaster of Guitar Playing.” Its message is now ingrained in my mind and gives me strength every day!”

…So there you are my friend, letting you know how important you are to thousands of people!

Have a good weekend.



Thanks a million to Annie for the kind words.

Yeah, the mental side of learning the guitar is so important.

Without it, it’s easy to give up for years like Annie did or quit for good, as many do.

Glad to be able to help and the podcast is a really good tool for helping you with this mental side of guitar playing. You can check out the podcast HERE.


Anyway, it’s certainly nice to be talked about in this way.

It’s much appreciated too.

I’m always grateful when you all share my lessons and say nice things about what I do.

Speaking of which, quite a few new subscribers over the years (and some of the best members of the DTAA) have all come from students and members telling other guitarists about me.

So, it’s about time I do something about it.


In fact, for spreading the word about me, I want to give you stuff to say thanks.

Things such as my latest book, a paperback version of the book, and even a free secret course I’ve never promoted before.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow, but if you have purchased a course of mine at any point, you’ll have access to my private site.

And if so, you can log in and head to this page to find out more…

Find out how to get some cool free stuff by referring a friend


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. If you’re brand new here, a good place to begin with my lessons is with this course HERE.


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