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Playing guitar should be fun, but how fun is it for you?

On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your enjoyment?

Is it a low number or a high number?


Hopefully, it will be on the higher end of this scale, but for some, it won’t be – yet.

When I started out, I’d say my level on this scale was probably around a 2 or 3 out of 10 for a long time.

I couldn’t play any decent songs, the riffs, and melodies I could play were messy, and my sister would playfully tease me about my playing.

I honestly had no idea how I would improve.


Well, if I could get in a time machine and go back 22 years to my first few days on the guitar, I’d definitely focus on learning a few pieces of simple music and playing them well.

I wouldn’t get wrapped up doing the traditional stuff of learning lots of chords, scales, and technical drills.

I’d stop trying complex songs I was totally not ready for.

And I’d stop wasting time hopping from one thing to the next.


Don’t get me wrong, chords, scales, and technical drills are useful, but in the very early days, not so much.

The fact is, playing a simple and recognisable piece of music is one of the most powerful things a brand-new beginner can do.

In fact, when I started teaching and a new student would come to my studio, on the first lesson I’d go through the following process…


First, I’d get them comfortable and relaxed, then I’d teach them how to hold the guitar and fret notes properly, and then immediately…

…I’d teach them a famous riff on the guitar.

Their eyes would light up very quickly as they realised they were playing real music – in their very first lesson.


Some of these people had been struggling for ages and this was the first time they could play actual music.

It was simple, but powerful.

The first time I played a recognisable song, I felt the same.


It was a rush.

Kind of like riding a bike for the first time, or driving a car and letting the accelerator rip, or surfing a wave and feeling the air rush past.

So, if you can’t yet play a song, or the songs you have tried are boring, unrecognisable, or too hard for you at this stage…

You may like this…


It’s my new mini songbook PDF featuring five songs.

All five songs are famous.

…And there are two ways to play them all.

There is the pure melody version which anyone can learn (as long as you are focused and work on it in chunks).

…And there are strumming versions of the song.


If you are new, start with the melody versions, but if you are more experienced and can play chords, you can tackle the strumming versions too.

Either way, you can jam these famous songs with me via the multi-tiered backing tracks or you can jam them with friends.

I actually think pretty much all guitarists, no matter how long you’ve played for, will enjoy these.

They’re designed to be fun after all.


Anyway, you can get this mini songbook in my eBook bundle.

It’s a perfect addition to the other eBooks in the bundle (which will help you fix the most common beginner errors).

The bundle is on sale until midnight tonight Pacific time.

Check it out below…

Start having more fun with your guitar playing and get learning real songs from today


Remember to keep making music!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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