Last week, when promoting the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, I talked about the “3-step plan”.

This is all about getting members super focused on making progress in a clear way over the course of February.


Step 1 is about learning the new song I teach.

Step 2 is about spending a small amount of time going through my In Focus course (my most important course and the one that fixes the issues in students’ playing) and…

Step 3 is about doing the extras, like theory, scales, and other stuff you want to work on.

I won’t talk about it too much here as we already covered that last week, but it’s safe to say that this plan has been a real hit with students so far.


As we all know, a lot of guitar tuition is random and it can feel like there are an overwhelming number of things to learn.

…But having a simple goal you can achieve by the end of the month is very powerful, and it’s something I highly recommend you do.

If you haven’t already, try getting a little practice routine like the above for 20 minutes of practice time each day.


Focus on the 3 steps, which are essentially:

Step 1 – A Song

Step 2 – Improving your technique

Step 3 – The optional extras


It’s simple but simple works.

After your structured practice is done, you can always get playing and having fun with the stuff you love to play.

Anyway, the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is closed for now, but I’ll be exploring this further in there next month too.

For help and advice with your playing today, you can check out this below…

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Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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