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Super simple creative fun


Back when I started learning the guitar, I couldn’t play any songs.

The resources that we have at our fingertips today just weren’t available to us back then.

Instead, I had a dusty old book of my dad’s.

The book was useful in some ways and it taught me to read music, play chords, and understand some theory.


One thing I enjoyed doing with that book was taking the chord progressions from inside and putting my own spin on them.

I’d get a chord progression such as: 


Then, I’d start swapping chords and instead of playing a G, I’d maybe play an Am.

That would give me:


Then I might put the two chord progressions together to get:


I even started playing about with “out of key” chords (which many great songwriters such as Paul McCartney do). I would slot that in somewhere like so:



Now of course I’m not sure if that was exactly what I did, but that is the gist (it was 20 years ago after all).

The point here though, is that you can spend some time being creative like this.

Take the above ideas, try them out.

Adapt them and have fun.

I usually find I have to encourage students to do this sort of thing at first, but playing about and being creative is good fun and great for the brain.

If you enjoy this sort of thing and being creative on the guitar, let me know. I might well create some more resources on this.


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Keep having fun and keep being creative

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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