Music theory:

It’s essential.

It’s misunderstood.

And it can be a pain in the rear to learn.

…But it doesn’t have to be.


Many people who teach music theory make the age-old mistake of complicating the heck out of it.

They teach theory in a way that they would like to learn it themselves.

…But when the teacher forgets that their student is a beginner…

…And that beginners do not possess anywhere near the same knowledge as the advanced teacher…

It causes all sorts of issues.


I made that mistake a fair few times when I first started teaching.

This is a problem in all walks of life and on the guitar.

For instance, you no doubt have skills that you are far more advanced at than me.


Let’s say woodwork:

Imagine you’re trying to get me to build a shed with an apex roof, bay windows, and double Z-framed doors, along with a porch and a handmade swing.

I would probably politely put down the saw, sneak off and then run for dear life down the road.

That’s what happens with music theory a lot of the time.


A student gets overwhelmed by theory and “legs it”, not wanting to feel that suffocating feeling again.

…But there is a simple solution.


A few years ago, I wrote a book for my students on theory.

I wanted to cover the absolute foundations, the key principles, and the fretboard patterns.

All to give them a complete understanding of the building blocks of music.

…Without the headaches and without the fluff.


I purposely made it a fairly short book to read without any overblown text.

Instead, it is full of clear explanations, simple diagrams, and little quiz questions to ensure you understand it all.

You can read it in a day, apply a fair bit of it immediately, and use it as your companion forever.

Saying that, it is very much a guide to have for the long-term too and it does require you to be patient, think, and apply the lessons (otherwise it won’t help).


But that’s why I like to send out the paperback.

…So it can sit next to you on your coffee table and you can pick it up at will.

A digital version doesn’t always have the same effect (at least not for me).

…But if you do want the digital version, you can get that too.

That’s because tomorrow, for the last time, I will give this book out for free.


Those of you who know me by now will know this is not some fake “scarcity” thing.

…Where I tell you, you can no longer get it, but then, like Aladdin’s genie, in a few weeks, I magically start promoting it again.

I hate it when people do that and I can smell the fakeness from a mile off.

The truth is sometime next year I will likely get more copies printed and sell it as a standalone book for Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy members or sell the book at a premium price (it will cost the price of at least one or two guitar lessons).


Anyway, if you want the Guitarists Get Theory book as a free gift, you will need to be subscribed by midnight tomorrow.

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


Keep on enjoying your playing…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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