the snowman

On Sunday, Archie and I had one of our favourite ever musical experiences.

We went to our local town hall and watched an orchestra play a whole bunch of Christmas songs.

It was magical.


In our balcony seats, we watched in awe as the orchestra opened up with “Ding Dong Merrily on High”, a medley from the movie The Polar Express, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

Then it got even better.

On the screen, the 1982 Oscar-nominated animated movie The Snowman was playing.

This is a classic story about a boy’s journey befriending a snowman and their adventures together before the snowman melts, and the boy mourns his loss.

It’s a moving story, and even David Bowie loved it so much he created an introduction for the re-release.

If you know the song “Walking in the Air” this is the movie it came from.

A young fella, who must have been only 10, stood in front of the audience to join the orchestra and sing it brilliantly.

The whole score, created by Howard Blake, is mesmerising.


Hearing the triumphant brass section, soulful strings, the beautiful woodwind, and passionate percussion was moving.

I looked over to see Archie (who is 7) in awe through most of it.

As a musician, I really enjoyed being able to see each member of the orchestra play so I could listen closely and pick out all the parts they were playing.

That’s some good ear training there.

Even the lovely percussionists let Archie and the kids have a go on the timpani drum, the xylophone, and glockenspiel at the end.


I’m not exactly sure of the point of this email, but I wanted to write it as sometimes we get “moved” by something…

…And it’s just so inspiring you can’t help but go home and pick up your guitar and play.

In fact, once I got home, I started jamming a little fingerstyle version of “Walking in the Air” and Archie wants to learn it on keyboard.

Plus, getting out and seeing and experiencing live music in all its forms is hugely inspiring.

Even just for the fact you get to immerse yourself in music and the love for music…

…Which, after all, is why we spend all that time practising and perfecting our guitar playing.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that and it inspired you somewhat.

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Keep being inspired!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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