variety is the spice of life

I’m a big fan of teaching my beginner students to embrace variety.

Most new students come to me with an open mind in terms of what they want to learn on guitar.


They know they want to have fun, enjoy some chill-out time after work, or embrace retirement, and fulfil a lifelong dream of playing guitar.

…And they’re often open-minded about how to get there.

That is great.

One thing I like to do is give them a really good taste of the fun stuff on the guitar.

Of course I teach them the basics of posture, warming up, good “Core Fundamental Technique”…

…And practising effectively.

I like to do this while teaching them fun things to play.

This makes their experience a really enjoyable and varied one too.


Some of the things I teach them include a simple blues riff, a famous melody, the basics of strumming and chords, reading TAB, and the essentials of fingerpicking (along with a stunning but fairly simple tune to play).

That’s just some of the things we cover in the first few months.

I find this gives them a really good balance.

It’s a bit like going to a foreign country full of exotic foods you’ve never tried before.

You wouldn’t want to have a main course of something you don’t know you’ll like.

Instead, it’s better to go to the posh buffet and have a taste of all the varied and exciting flavours.

Then when you know what you like, you can dive in and have a main course of your choosing.

It’s the same with the guitar, start with variety and then later you can specialise.


Speaking of variety and fun lessons…

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That will still be a bargain as there are years’ worth of advice in both courses.


…But what’s better than $27?

Why, it’s paying far less than that, of course.

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Have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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