I rarely watch trashy T.V…

…but the other night, me and my girlfriend Sally sat down to watch what was probably the best trashy T.V.  I’ve seen in years.


It was a singing/talent type show called Starstruck.

The format is great.

You get three people from all walks of life dressed up as a famous artist and they all sing a song of the artists – at the same time.

There are three people up on stage taking turns to sing the verses and choruses of the chosen song.


Honestly, it was cheesy but great fun.


Over the last two weeks, there were three versions each of Elton John, Gary Barlow from Take That (but one looked more like actor Andy Serkis), and a chap who was dressed up to look like Harry Styles but reminded me more of Shane MacGowan from The Pogues.

I jest, but it was good fun.

The winner this week was the Barbara Streisand wannabe.

All three who were on stage singing the Barbara songs were brilliant and blew everyone away.


I’m not a hardcore Barbara Streisand fan or anything, but the song “The Way We Were” is a gem.

It was also telling about how the old-school music of Barbara Streisand beat the music of Harry Styles hands down…

The music of Babs was artistic and creative and soulful, whereas the music of Harry Styles just seemed dull and manufactured in comparison.


Most of all though, I loved the show because it was fun….


It’s something many people in the music world forget sometimes.

I mean, I read a few music magazines, listen to the radio, and whatnot, but some people just don’t know how to let their hair down and have fun.

This show had it all.

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Have a fun day of guitar…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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