Let’s end the year with a bang and something fun. 

Today we have my end-of-year quiz.


Unlike the “riddles” I did recently, which were solved super quickly, this quiz is designed to be unbreakable. Haha.

Kidding, the questions are fun and all about the guitar and music in 2023.



1 – More than 50 years after The Beatles broke up, the band released their “last song”. What is it called?


2  – Jeff Beck sadly passed away this year. He first rose to prominence as a member of which band?


3 – Which band released their first record of original material in 18 years, titled Hackney Diamonds?


4 – Which member of Genesis released his new album this year, celebrating by releasing one track for every full moon?


5 – The bandmate of Stephen Stills and Graham Nash passed away this year. Who was he?


6 – Which guitarist with the initials JP, performed live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (his first live performance in 12 years)?


7 – Gary Rossington passed away this year. Which band was he the last original member of?


8 – Which legendary fingerpicker released the album Seven Psalms?


9 – What was the bestselling song of the year in the UK?


10 – The mysterious identity of the man on the front cover of a legendary rock album was finally discovered this year. Which band’s fourth album was it?



Okay, there you go.

At the bottom of this email, I’ll reveal the answers

…But first I thought I’d share a couple more questions about my lessons.


Q – Which of the Acoustic Asylum podcasts got the most listens this year?

A – “How to fix suffocatingly slow chord changes”



Q – Which of the video “reels” on my new Instagram account got the most views?

A – The short video on fixing a brutal strumming issue!



Q – Which of my blog posts had the most likes and shares on Facebook?

A – A funny little “meme”-style image here



Finally, one more question…

Which amazing guitar tutor got asked if his accent was “cockney Irish”?

That was, of course…



Anyway, I hope all that was a bit of fun.

We had a mix of music trivia for the year and some links to some of my free content that people have been enjoying.

Scroll down for the answers.


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Have a great New Year’s Eve wherever you are in the world and I hope you enjoy the celebrations!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination





P.S. The answers are below…










Just so you don’t accidentally see the answers, you’ll have to scroll down some more…











1 – Now and Then

2 – The Yardbirds

3 – The Rolling Stones

4 – Peter Gabriel

5 – David Crosby

6 – Jimmy Page

7 – Lynyrd Skynyrd

8 – Paul Simon

9 – “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

10 – Led Zeppelin


P.P.S. How many did you get right? The quiz is good fun, but will knowing the above make you a better guitarist?

Not really, although it can help you win more pub quizzes and look like a smarty pants in front of your friends, which is always a good thing… But what will make you a better guitarist? Without a doubt, this HERE.



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