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Last week I sent an email that got lots of responses.

It was about how it can be useful to occasionally play guitar in your practice room while leaving the door ajar.


As a quick recap, this is so others in your household can hear you play your best piece.

Doing so can build up your confidence to play in front of others (and hopefully have them compliment you, giving you a big boost).

Well, that email got some great responses.


Here are a few of them…

“My wife will just close the door. Our dog is the only one who won’t abandon me 😩” – Robert


That’s brutal!

It’s good to know Robert’s dog is there for him though!

To be honest, though, I’m not sure which breed of dog enjoys guitar playing the most.

I’m guessing it’s a chi-wah-wah.

…Or maybe it’s a dog who loves the song Hotel Collie-fornia

…It could be something by the band, Mutt the Hoople.


“Oh, dear me, Dan, make it stop!” I can hear you saying.

How I love a terrible pun!


Here’s another reply I got…

“You are right ON Dan we have no doors in our house and my wife is amazed at my playing making up songs” – Randal


That’s great.

Randal’s been in touch a few times, telling me he loves to jam and be creative.

There are not many better feelings than jamming and freestyling and having it all click.

(Not easy at first though, but you will get better at it with practice).


The bigger thing I’d say though, is why doesn’t Randall have doors in his house?

Maybe his playing is just that good he took them down!

Kidding, I think I remember Randal saying how he recently moved and is renovating.

Still, I’m loving his joy for playing!


Next one…

I like to practice at night when all things are done, and my wife has gone upstairs to bed. The only one who wants to be with me is my Jack Russell, however she puts her paws over her ears while I practice. 🤠 – John


Tough crowd.

Jack Russells are nice, but not the easiest to please.

My next-door neighbour’s Jack Russell (called Millie) tends to bark if she hears me jamming in the garden.


Speaking of dogs, I remember my old dog, Bob.

He was a true supporter of me when I was learning.

(Bob was a lovely rescue dog – a kind of cross between a greyhound and a whippet).

He was pretty old when I started playing guitar.

I loved that dog and I think he enjoyed my playing (either that or he was going deaf).

Either way, it was nice to have my old dog and best pal sit and watch me play.


If you want to impress your dog (or just yourself) there’s nothing much better in my biased opinion than the sound of a guitar being fingerpicked.

Speaking of which, my course is on sale this week.

It’s a good, fun, thorough course on the art and science of fingerpicking.

Here’s the link to find out more:

Find out more about the Fingerstyle 101 Video Course


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. I can’t promise it will help with “pawfect pitch” but it’s good fun.


P.P.S. This post was originally taken from Dan Thorpe’s private email list. To get blog posts like this sent to you which are full of great tips to make fingerpicking, strumming, and learning guitar more enjoyable (especially if you are over 40) join Dan’s list. It’s 100% free, HERE.

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