Welcome to a new weekly Friday 10-second tip. Here it is…


“Take something simple and jam the heck out of it”


I love jamming, and the benefits of it are great.

These benefits include having more fun, using new skills, creativity which is good for the brain, socialising when jamming with others, a feeling of accomplishment, etc.

Jamming really is wonderful.

…But just how do you do it?


It takes practice, but I always find having a rock-solid template really helps.

For instance, I love to jam using a specific chord progression and a certain fingerpicking pattern.

I play them over and over in a very simple way.

Once I get into the groove, I start changing things up, one note at a time, until the jamming comes out.


It ain’t easy, but having a template to jam with can certainly be far more enjoyable than trying to improvise from a blank canvas.

So, if you want to jam, have a think about a chord progression and a picking/strumming pattern – combine them and experiment!

Also, keep trying it every day, forever – don’t just try it once and hope for the best – this takes practice!


Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. If you want a good template to jam, there ain’t much better than the 12-bar blues. It uses the very specific I-IV-V chord progression and the shuffle “rhythm.” This is the perfect template for jamming in my experience.

…And in my mini masterclass course, on sale till later on today, you will learn the fundamentals of it with 100% confidence, plus a variety of riffs to jam with it (the kind you hear in lots of famous blues tunes)

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After that, it goes up to full price, and I’m not sure when it will be on sale again.

Anyway, here’s the link to find out more…

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