Here are two more interesting emails I have got lately. I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful… 


Email #1… 

“Dan and folks,

I have been watching the lessons and am amazed that in a very short time I can play songs that actually sound the way they are meant to.

I have been wanting to learn guitar since a young person…now at 72, I am doing it.

I used to watch my uncle in amazement as he played effortlessly…I had to get a steel-string guitar as my classical has a pretty thick neck that made some of the chords impossible even with my big hands.

Yesterday the new guitar arrived, and the chords are doable.

Learning the Spanish Romance piece and am about one-fourth of the way and the melody is amazing.”



Awesome work from Eduardo.

He has kicked off the year with a bang and with what is hopefully a nice hearty dose of inspiration for you all.

It’s hard not to feel at least a bit inspired by this.

After all, a guitar that is physically tough to play chords on is hard enough…


Not just that though, after 60 years or so of wanting to learn guitar but not doing it, it’s easy to give up on the dream…

But thankfully Eduardo did not give up on the dream and is now reaping the joy and rewards.

A massive well done to him for using the lessons and applying them (the most important step).

Anyone can learn guitar, and it’s not too late, but it takes a certain determination and strong desire to get there – especially when you have waited as long as Eduardo.

Hopefully, you found that helpful and at least a little bit inspiring…


Anyway, onto Email #2

This one is a post in my Facebook group from resident super member, Pam…


“Finishing up Part 2 of The Ultimate Guide to Strumming.

Especially liked the fun strumming pattern test and that then ends with a nice long list of songs to use each strumming pattern with all the guesswork taken out.

The ear training was awesome. Will probably go back thru Parts 1 and 2, again to make sure I got it all and try to strum to each song on the list before going on to Part 3.

Love this methodical approach. I’m finally moving out of my two-year strum rut.”



I haven’t mentioned this book much lately, but as many of you told me you got it as a Christmas gift, I thought I’d talk about it briefly

As Pam says, it is a methodical book, and each step will get you moving in the right direction, with the minimum of fuss.

This is important because strumming is something I rarely see taught properly.

Most of the time, teachers assume their students have good strumming technique and good rhythm.


Well, I’ve found that is often not the case.

Hence why the book is all about taking baby steps in the right direction.

If you have the book or not, with strumming do this…

Always keep working on getting a pleasant and smooth strumming tone and a groovy, solid sense of rhythm.

Both are essential to being a good strummer and those are two steps that many guitarists miss.

Once those are sorted, you can really kick on with the fun stuff such as pick strumming, embellishments, bass runs, etc. (which Part 3 of the book covers).


If you want the book, which was released as a paperback recently, you can get it below…

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Strumming

…And if you got it as a Christmas gift, I hope you are enjoying it!

Have a great Wednesday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

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